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          TRAINER TEAM

          • Xiang songpingSenior Lean production tutor
            Engaged in garment manufacturing and production for 20 years, he has served as a first-line management and production executive in the factory, and is familiar with modern garment production processes and management concepts. Specializes in lean production implementation planning and on-site improvement in the apparel field.
            Successful cases:Apple Group, Xinaoxiang Group, Luen Thai Group, Shanghai Jiashi Group, Guangzhou Yubang, Duoyi, Jinxing Garment, Mansa Katie Costume, Anta, Hongxing Erke, Guiren Bird, 361°, etc. Prison system: Jiangxi Wenzhen Prison, Dongguan Dalingshan Prison, Jiangxi Qianxi Prison, Hebei Shixin Prison, Shenzhou Prison, Tangshan Prison, etc.
          • Li jiefengLean production tutor
            15 years of experience in apparel industry, engaged in lean production management and consulting for 10 years. Has a wealth of lean production coaching training and practical experience. He is good at clothing industry, overall operation process, cost operation, ISO inheritance system, production mode improvement and efficiency improvement plan.
            Successful cases:Qibohui, Nanjing Sumeda Creative Clothing, Wuxi Shenlong Garment, Hebei Shijiazhuang Women's Supervision Zone, Liaoning Women's Supervision Zone and other enterprises.
          • Tang huameiLean production project manager/senior tutor
            In 1996, he entered Guangzhou Lianya Group and held positions such as parking spaces, foreman, team leader and TPE. Good at lean production improvement.
            Successful cases:Thousands of fine women's wear, women's wear, Guangzhou Huadu, Shanghai Yingteng, Dongguan Global Group Tianmao, Hebei Xinyida, Jiangsu Dingshan Prison.
          • Yang rufengLean production tutor
            25 years of experience in apparel industry, lean production coaching training and experienced instructors in field practice. Proficient in factory layout, continuous improvement of assembly line IE, and implementation of 6S management.
            Successful cases:Wanjie Garment, Jinda Garment, Vietnam Giant Bamboo Textile Ding Industrial, Apple China Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changyuan, Suzhou for China, Lishan Prison, Xiaolongtan Prison, Zhangzhou Prison, Hubei Kinergy, Anhui Kaile, Pakistan magegarments (pnt), Pakistan AZGARD-9, Pakistan AZAPPAREL, Bangladesh Talisman, etc.
          • Pan guotaoProject manager/senior tutor
            20 years of focus on apparel production, specializing in smart plant design and construction management and strategic planning, apparel lean production management training, JIT on-site coaching, 3P pre-production preparation SOP specification, CIP process reengineering system.
            Successful cases:Shenzhen Jihoufeng, Yichun Group, Shandong Lutai, Jiangsu Sumeda, Kuaiyu Costume, Liaoning Pengyi Costume (Yingkou Prison), Harbin Prison, etc.
          • He jianProject manager, senior tutor
            In 2003, he entered the apparel industry and has served as an IE engineer, IE director, factory director, and lean production project manager. He is good at factory layout, assembly line promotion, 6S implementation, process development, and performance appraisal.
            Successful cases:Changshu Xuezhongfei, Sihong Kangbo, Bosideng men's clothing; Changshu Yugui clothing, Zhangzhou prison.
          • Zhong shanghaiLean production tutor/senior IE
            Whole plant planning and layout, lean production/one piece flow, performance improvement, lean production, and overall product productivity optimization.
            Successful cases:Dozens of large and medium-sized manufacturing companies such as Panasonic Group, Hualida Group, Mila Bear Group, Jiangnan Garment, Yunhai Industry, Xiaolongtan Prison, Dezhou Prison, Chengdu Women's Prison, Chongzhou Prison, Meizhou Prison, and Netling Prison.
          • Wu rangmingLean production tutor
            26 years of experience in the clothing industry, familiar with the production process of clothing production. JIT lean production management experts, internal lean production team construction, SOP standard operation process development, production site improvement, etc.
            Successful cases:Linyi Prison, Zibo Prison, Harbin Prison, Luquan Prison, Tai'an Prison, Shenzhen Meichun Clothing, Yichun Group, Shenzhen Zhengfa Garment, Shenzhen Runze Fashion, etc.
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