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          Provide users with "one-stop" service complete application solutions, consulting, planning, product, training, technical support and after-sales service. Respond quickly to customers and improve service quality.

        1. Workshop process layout planning

          Cost budget

          Engineering construction management

        2. GSD standard working hour system

          PAS production line data balance system

          MES garment production management solution

          IRCS intelligent name system

          ITMS Intelligent Tools Management System

        3. Intelligent assembly line

          Intelligent conveyor system

          Auxiliary equipment series

        4. The company's production status survey and diagnosis, customized improvement plan, calculation of investment costs, implementation of improvement content, inspection and improvement results, comprehensive and accurate implementation of PS clothing lean production improvement projects.

          The cutting workshop is divided into a storage system, a cutting system and a cutting processing area, which are transported to the sewing workshop through the cutting and processing area to the piece supermarket.


          After the pieces arrive at the sewing workshop, they are sent to each assembly line through the piece sorting system. After completion, they are sent to the post-finishing process through the manual hanging system.


          After the finished product is finished, it will enter the warehousing workshop through manual nailing, hot stamping, hot stamping, inspection and matching.


          The storage center is divided into three-dimensional storage and mixed storage. The finished garments are hung to the storage area, and then sorted by intelligent sorting system, automatically packaged and classified.

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