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          IRCS Intelligent Point Name System

          In order to ensure the position of the prisoner, Chi Jiu used the cutting edge fingerprint identification technology, combined with the actual situation of the prison name, developed the name system. It has achieved security for science and technology, efficiency for science and technology, and police for science and technology.

        1. RCTMS Intelligent roll call tool integrated management system

          The fingerprint point name and the tool management software hardware are ingeniously integrated, the volume is relatively smaller, the installation is more flexible, the utility is stronger, the software integration display, the operation is simple, and the function is more powerful.

          ITMS Intelligent Tool Management System

          Chijiu Intelligent Tool Management System is a system that uses mature Internet of Things technology, combined with the use and supervision features of prison tools, and uses the mobile station fixed tools, mobile scissors, machine tools to use mobile tools, and tools to send and receive storage for intelligent system management. Management is more convenient, safer and more practical.

        2. The labor tool management system can monitor the status and quantity of labor tools in the workshop in real time; prevent illegal disassembly and loss of tools, and prevent illegal and criminal personnel from using labor tools to carry out dangerous and illegal activities. The traditional personnel inspection and inspection methods (personnel inventory and manual recording, hand-held terminal RFID scanning one by one), there are problems such as large supervision workload, low inspection efficiency, easy to miss inspection; the intelligent tool management system uses Internet of Things wireless transmission technology, With tools to get rid of real-time warnings, tools to demolish real-time alarms, tools to illegally take away real-time alarms. While the offenders are ready to dismantle the labor tools, real-time discovery can immediately prevent the occurrence of harmful behavior. Traditional methods of supervision are incomparably in the speed and efficiency of finding problems.
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