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          Wisdom Prison District

        1. 智能工具管理终端

          Intelligent tool management terminal

        2. 智能指纹移动工具车

          Smart fingerprint mobile tool cart

        3. 智能大剪刀控制箱

          Intelligent large scissors control box

        4. 多功能储物柜

          Intelligent large scissors control box

        5. 智能点名系统

          Intelligent point name system

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          ABOUT CHIJIU

        7. The leading provider of lean and intelligent production core equipment for textile and apparel in China, since itsestablishment in 2011, is committed to developing and producing practical and advanced intelligent assemblyline systems, sorting systems and auxiliary equipment for textile and garment enterprises, among which thecompany developed intelligent direct drive. The assembly line system has won a number of national patents andhas become a new benchmark for the production of high-efficiency, energy-saving safety and stability equipment.

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